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JUne 2024 exam

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Dosage Calculations

Basic Dosage Calculations Made Easy | Nursing | 103 pages | Digital Download Only | Nursing Exam | OIIQ & OIIAQ Exam

LPN Scope of Practice

Simplified guide in mastering the LPN Scope of Practice for the OIIAQ and OIIQ Exams | 170 pages | Digital Download Only | Nursing Exam


The Complete OIIQ Theme Preparation Guide for the March 2024 Exam | 73 pages | Digital Download Only | Nursing Exam

I would like to take time of thanking my teacher JIM for guiding me in my LPN exam and through his RN101 review center I was able to reach my goal just to pass the exam but to top in my exam is one of my wildest dream way back in school days and a big bonus🤩🙏🙀 I think of sir Jim after I received my certificate of recognition because he is part of this blessing and of course study hard coz even how good your teacher during the review if you don’t do your part this is not possible..never give up coz failing is a good motivation to do it better the next time around! And always pray to reach your goal! Good luck RN101 students!


Pratique professionelle: 70% Judgement et comportement professionnel: 76% "Kuya jim is a great teacher. He's very kind and understanding. He help me a lot when it comes for techniques, not only for the exam and also for work too. In One Shot, i passed my Oiiaq exam for LPN. I highly recommend him for review class before the oiiaq exam. Thank you kuya Jim. God Bless you and too your Family. ❤️✨"
Charlene Arcigal
Pratique professionelle: 80% Judgement et comportement professionnel: 80% Are you having hard time studying? Are you the type of person who can't stay focus when studying alone? Are you the type of person who wants to be in a class, listen, analyze and understand? Are you having hard time understanding the area of pathology and pharmacology? These were all the questions that I have had in my mind. And Sir Jim made it all easy and possible for us (me and my review mates 😀) Thank you Sir Jim. Til next time 😉👍
Pratique professionelle: 88% Judgement et comportement professionnel: 72% Thank u so much. Never expected that il pass. It was so tough😛😛
Roshan Karkada
Pratique professionelle: 80% Judgement et comportement professionnel: 85% Sir! Thank you so much! I passed! I cannot believe I'm able to get those mark, because my goal is not only to become LPN.
Thilini saranga
"He is a knowledgeable person, a person that understands your feelings. Would take his time to explains the stuff you don’t understand & will be 24/7 awake for you if you have questions! With his online and in-class material/exercise helps a lot. It saves you a lot of time on those unnecessary stuffs to study on. He has a lots of questionnaires/quizzes,exams for preparing you to pass your exam de l’ordre. "
"Hey Jim! I passed!!!! I'm so happy and thankful for your class, all the energy you put into your lessons! At the beginning of the summer I was lost and felt like I was drowning in notes and didn't have a chance! With your class I felt organized and motivated to study, you made the concepts clear and the questions were such a good practice for the exam! Thank you so much for everything ☺️"
julia sturino
"Jim is an excellent teacher that helped me so much during this course. He’s patient and very knowledgeable. Highly recommended!!!"
"Thank you very much Jim!! I wish you and your family all the best as well 🙂 You should be proud of the program you created, it is great!!"
"Hello Jim! I bought your online study questions and I wanted to let you know that I passed the exam !! Thank you so much for all the hard work you put into your questions!"
"Jim!! Just to let you know I passed my exam 😭😭😭♥️♥️♥️.Thank you so much for guiding me through the few last months, wouldn’t have done it without you."
Jim is very knowledgeable and kind person. He’s very organized when it comes to time and notes. He help me a lot during my review days right away he response to my questions regarding the exam. I passed my LPN exam for first try!! Again, Thank you Jim God Bless you and your family!!!
Taking this course before the OIIQ exam helped with my confidence! I learned a lot from Jim, he’s very knowledgeable and gives you good tips on what to expect of the OIIQ. Don’t hesitate to ask him questions, he’s extremely approachable and will answer your questions... even at 3am!

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